How To Make A Paypal Donation Button

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Well I know the answer is NO that's why you are sitting net to this idiot machine and leaving the wonderful world behind . Well that's OK , because now you are about to get what you were looking for, and I hope this will be your last stop too. 

I won't take much of your precious time. Well so lets start what we are here for.

Paypal donate button , huff well since they don't give the donate button option on there website we have to make it on our own , specially for Indian merchants. I don't know weather this problem is there for other country merchants too.

Well i know you are not here to listen to this shit so , lets start. 

What You Need ?
  1. A verified Paypal account (be it personal or business).
  2. 10-15 mins thats it 
OK now follow following steps and its will done in a easy way.
1=>Click Merchant Services.


Find Buy Now Button in the page . and click Buy Now Button . It may be any were , just find it and click it.


3=>Enter the organisations name in the place of Item name , Like "Blogger's Last Stop FUND". Leave the Item id blank and select the check box "Add a text field" if you want to get any details from the Donner.


4= .  >Don't  Select save button at Paypal. Uncheck it.


5=>Add any advance features like what will the Donner do after making a donation.


6=>Click "Create Button".

7=>Click "Remove code protection" and copy the code in any text editor you like . like Notepad++ or a simple Notepad which is there in your windows pre-installed.

8=>In the code, find "_xclick" and change it to "_donations". 
9=> Find "btn_buynowCC_LG.gif" and change it to "btn_donateCC_LG.gif". (Note 1: If you prefer a version of the button that doesn't have credit card logos, use "btn_donate_LG.gif" instead. Note 2: "btn_buynowCC_LG.gif" shows up twice in the code. You only need to change the image URL which comes first. Note 3: If you want any other button design just see from here. copy the URL of your favorite button and replace the URL.)
10=>Copy the final code in your website. and your are done :)

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  1. Thanks this really helped me make donation button

  2. Awesome man, just what i needed it. :)

  3. Thanks dear you absolutely teach us very well.

  4. I just added a donate button and I love it!

  5. I really got my problems solution at the end of day.Thanks very much.

  6. ty man, realy, this is a big help. The only problem I have now is that my submit wont work on twitch, when I paste the code. know anything about that/


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